Saturday, January 17, 2009

Thank you from Shirly Brener (Righteous Kill)

"hey there, i LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff and it looks so great to Mila definately send whatever you like and i promise that next time Mila has a red carpet event i'll dress her in your clothes. Also Mila has been modeling since she was 6 months old and even has a national walmart commercial now running if you ever need her to shoot for you. Your stuff is beautiful and you are very talented, I think you will get far. I wish you made stuff my size!!!
warmest wishes, Shirly"

Actress Shirly Brener and her gorgeous and very stylish daughter, Mila. I spotted Mila first wearing a black fur trimmed hooded puffer vest, charcoal heather cropped pants and black motorcycle boots....I said, "Who does she belong to...she's my perfect customer...I have to get her to wear Saurette". Along came, equally stylish mom, Shirly, who was in Righteous Kill with Robert DeNiro & Al Pacino and has several movies in post production at the moment. Shirly & I have been in contact since the show and I hope to be able to add Mila to my list of clients.

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