Sunday, January 11, 2009

“The Boom Boom Room” Golden Globe’s children’s gifting suite

Just back from the Golden Globe’s children’s gifting suite “The Boom Boom Room” in LA this weekend where we were received with an overwhelmingly positive response from celebs.

I gifted Saurette product to Kevin Weisman (Alias), Raymond Barry (Coldcase), Kathy Hilton (White/Blue Embroidered babydoll top & Pink/White Babydoll top for her nieces, and she asked me to send her more pieces in the pale blue colorway), Tim Allen (having a baby in April), Evan Handler (Sex in the City—requested the Charcoal embroidered babydoll top for his 2 year old daughter), Constance Zimmer (Entourage), Kevin Sorbo, Kevin Dillon, Ali Landry (wants the White/Pink Embroidered Babydoll for her daughter), Jake Busey (requested a Charcoal embroidered babydoll top for his cousin’s daughter), Penelope Ann Miller (gave her a Fuschia/White Embroidered babydoll top and will be sending her another dress or skirt for hter daughter), Alimi Ballard (Numb3rs-took a Pink Embroidered Babydoll for daughter Naya), Jeri Ryan (took a White/Pink Embroidered Skirt & Butterfly Tank for her daughter, Gisele),Victoria Recano (ET/The Insider—baby girl due in April-gave her a butterfly tank ), Sibi Bale (Christian Bale’s wife-took a Fuschia Cabbage floral skirt for their daughter ), Scott Baio (took a White/Pink Embroidered Babydoll top for daughter Bailey), Joey Lawrence (requested the fuschia cabbage floral skirt for his daughter), James Black (requested the Charcoal embroidered babydoll top),Joely Fisher (took Green & Charcoal Embroidered Babydoll tops for her daughters), Jodi Sweetin , Rena Sofer (24/Heroes—wants something in a size 4/5 for her daughter Avalon), Ming Na (ER-requested the Blue Embroidered Babydoll and the Charcoal Cabbage Floral Skirt for daughter Michaela), Salli Richardson Whitfield (I am Legend-requested a Charcoal dress for daughter Parker), Kim Rhodes (mom on Zack & Cody-gave a blue butterfly tank for her 13 month old daughter), Heather Christie (Model & girlfriend to Anthony Kiedis, picked up something for bandmate-Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers-gave a Charcoal Embroidered babydoll top for his daughter, Sunny), John Livingston, (for daughter Scarlet), Elisabeth Rohm (Law & Order-requested the White/Pink & Charcoal/Pink Embroidered Babydoll top), Cynthia Hauser (Cole Hauser's wife--took something for a niece), Shirly Brener (gave a Charcoal Cabbage floral skirt & Brown Embroidered Babydoll top), Christie Lynn Smith (requested a Charcoal top), Lesley Boone (ED), and child actresses; Madison Pettis (Seven Pounds, Cory in the House—requested the Charcoal and Fuschia Cabbage Floral Skirts) & Ryan Newman (up/coming Disney star for new show “Zeek & Luther” launching in Feb on new Disney XD channel, she plays “Ginger”—loved the entire collection...I will be sending several items to her) Also stopping by and loving Saurette were Shannon Barr, Sasha Gold, Elisabeth Sanchez, Alexandra Cristina, Brittany Hinderer, Sasha Alexander, Stephanie Kinchen, Zorrianna Kit, Nikki Ziering, Maxine Bahns, Corey Podell, Artisha Ledford, Jennifer Cox, Margaret Clark, Zena Foster, Cassidy Bradford, Holly Nelson, Larry Bagby, Neil McDonough, Kariz Favis of Baby Couture Magazine, Heather Murray, Jennifer Kavoret, Yuval David, Kristen Wilder of,

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