Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saurette, When You Need More Than Gorgeous!

Need a show-stopper? Need OVER over the top?? Saurette is it. Really, moms-of-girls, you are going to flip over their beyond gorgeous collection. We love it for absolutely over-the-top everyday wear, as well as that special occasion that comes up every once in a while!

Meet Saurette

Imagine soft and sophisticated meet vintage and modern all in one? Who knows how to accurately describe this very unique line? It really is something very special and probably our Favorite collection in the high-end girls clothing department in a very long time.

What makes it so special over that of any other high-end girls line? It’s two things - the tailored fit and the exquisite details.

The fit of Saurette’s designs are that of a finely tailored women’s garment. Think of that classic Diane Von Furstenberg fit that you love meeting the sweet girl style of Nanette Lepore… and then it all goes through a cool shrinking and girl-a-fying process that just knocks your bobby socks completely off… now THAT’s Saurette!

The details include gorgeous hand embroidery, vintage flowery appliqué, delicate beading, and all of the really yummy stuff! The gathers and hems are divine and the fabrics are absolutely to die for!

Do check them out online at to see their magnificent collection, or go to to shop online!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saurette loves KickPR

Thursday, May 14, 2009
Everything Looks Better on Little Girls...
I don't have kids of my own, and on many occasions I thank my lucky stars. I leave my keys everywhere, and sometimes wonder if I might do the same with kids. But someday, hopefully when I am grown up, I will be blessed with one. For now, there are six little girls in my life who just happen to love shopping and fashion. There is no shortage of excitement when I visit with fun fashions from NY like big bell bottom pants, frilly cotton skirts, and of course, the Rainbow Bracelet from Objets d'Envy. So, ever since Lisa Kanouse came into my life with her fabulous Saurette collection, I have been planning out the next 3 years of fashion for these girls. When I tell you this collection is unique, I really really mean it. I don't just write about things for the heck of it. I write about things that I am obsessed with.

There is something about the way Lisa has captured the feel and look of a girly girly girl. Her billowy dresses with racer back cut, big floral prints which I get lost in and find myself wandering off into Candy Land.

For Fall, she is introducing fine sweaters with the cutest prints of butterflies and more flowers, but in a more understated way as to say, "Yeah, I'm a hot 5yr old, so what?"

If you are in New York the weekend of June 6th, Saurette will be selling her Spring/Summer collections at the Designer Soiree located at Chacala NY, 394 Broadway, Fourth Floor. We are in the beginning of the warmer months and now is the time to grab your girls some summer fashions! And don't forget to follow the collection on Twitter, @saurette

Oh, and Daily Candy Kids has my back on this.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thank You from Alimi Ballard

A delightful surprise came in the mail today, residual thank yous from our involvement with Jayneoni Moore's Boom Boom Room back in January. Alimi Ballard and his lovely daughter Naya picked out our best selling embroidered blouse as their favorite.

Thanks Alimi for remembering Saurette. Continued success you to and Numb3rs!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Angelina Jolie is a Fan of Saurette

Hi Lisa. Yes, I got the stuff and it's really pretty. Angie only kept out 2 pieces though because it's quite girly for her kids. Where and how would you like me to send back the other pieces? Or should Angie keep them for other friends with kids? Let me know.
Thanks. Jen Rade (stylist to Angelina Jolie)

Alexandra Leighton is a Saurette Fan!

I am sending Adam's eldest daughter, Sadie, one of the skirts you sent me and including your card. He's a super nice guy who I haven't seen in a few years, but I know he'll love your stuff. xo His second daughter, Sunny, is only 5 months old, but for the