Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Little Man

Last Friday I did a last minute fill-in photo shoot for Saurette at Brooklyn's Leffert's House in Prospect Park. What a great location!  Fantastic old wood fences, a cool old wagon and a working water pump.

The day was pretty gloomy and started to pour rain as it was time to head out to meet the team for the day.  I have to say, I was a bit worried not only about the clothes getting ruined on the way (I'd just spent 2 hours steaming to perfection), but whether or not we'd be able to even do the shoot....which was planned for outdoors.

Despite the rain, we turned out some great photos with the help of some of the cutest models under age 8 in NYC & the talented Anna Maftser of Candy Kid Photography.

If you are unfamiliar with Anna's work, as I was before last week, be sure to check out her facebook pages and personal website.  She has a special ability to capture those key moments and great expressions that you'll want to recall years from now.

My youngest son, Ryder happened to tag along on the Saurette shoot with me that day, and Anna took a few shots of my little man that I'm just dying over.  This was his very first "modeling" job and I was so impressed with his ability to follow directions and desire to please the photographer.  I just had to share the photos here because they are so fantastic!

 It's amazing how different professional photography is from your standard snapshots.  Having been around high quality photos and photoshoots for many years due to my work in the fashion industry, I didn't truly realize what I was missing in my personal life by not having professional shots of my own kids.  If you've got the opportunity, be sure to document these very special memories with the best photography you can afford.  You'll be so glad you did!



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