Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saurette, When You Need More Than Gorgeous!

Need a show-stopper? Need OVER over the top?? Saurette is it. Really, moms-of-girls, you are going to flip over their beyond gorgeous collection. We love it for absolutely over-the-top everyday wear, as well as that special occasion that comes up every once in a while!

Meet Saurette

Imagine soft and sophisticated meet vintage and modern all in one? Who knows how to accurately describe this very unique line? It really is something very special and probably our Favorite collection in the high-end girls clothing department in a very long time.

What makes it so special over that of any other high-end girls line? It’s two things - the tailored fit and the exquisite details.

The fit of Saurette’s designs are that of a finely tailored women’s garment. Think of that classic Diane Von Furstenberg fit that you love meeting the sweet girl style of Nanette Lepore… and then it all goes through a cool shrinking and girl-a-fying process that just knocks your bobby socks completely off… now THAT’s Saurette!

The details include gorgeous hand embroidery, vintage flowery appliqué, delicate beading, and all of the really yummy stuff! The gathers and hems are divine and the fabrics are absolutely to die for!

Do check them out online at to see their magnificent collection, or go to to shop online!

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