Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Extraordinary Mothers Review

I’m always looking on the lookup for nice pieces for my daughter. So when I got the chance to review an item for Saurette I jumped on it! Saurette has an entre collection of beautiful shirts and dresses designed by fashionista Lisa Kanouse. Go take a peak at her just launched Spring 09 collection and tell me what you think. (I’ll wait)

Beautiful, huh? Just so you can see the actual beading and embroidery work I attempted to take my own picture. It’s a beautiful shirt and I can’t wait to show off Kaila in it. I can’t say much more for the actual design and quality of the garments, they are simply fabulous!

I'd say if you moms are feeling Saurette as much as I do go and vote for Start Up nation. Do let me know if you do! Check out Lisa’s blog while you’re at it!

Win It!

Are you as excited as I am? We actually have a beautiful garment to give away!

* To enter: Visit Saurette and tell me one other item you have to have!
* If you voted leave an extra comment!
* Extra Entries: Blog, tweet, add our banner, follow through blogger.

Giveaway ends April 5th (in time for Easter)

1 comment:

  1. Wow you are right those a re gorgeous! I adore the Charcoal Babydoll Shirt and the Cabbage Floral Applique Dress...actually I really love them all. :)